IUCMA functions

IUCMA functions

Institutions & Participation

The Division enables the institution (IUCMA) to keep track of all water use activities and their impact on the resource (surface, ground and ecology) within the Water Management Area (WMA).The public is kept informed about all developments (policy changes and implementation, compliance issues, projects and others) while ensuring that the public understands the water value chain and the role of the CMA.

Data & Information Management

The Data and Information Management Division ensures effective water resource management through long-term accurate assessment of water availability (planning), the short-term transition of water in time and space (operations), reconciliation of demand and supply on a real-time basis through systems to monitor water quality, flow and other parameters without compromising the long-term sustainability of the CMA.

Water Use Authorization

The division is responsible for Water Use Authorizations (Schedule 1, General Authorization, Existing Lawful Use, Water Use Licenses, Validation and Verification and Compulsory Licensing). They also drive initiatives and projects such as water meter installations, drilling and testing of boreholes for groundwater management, Water Allocation Reform (Water Allocation to Historically Disadvantaged Individuals, Rainwater Harvesting and others).

Resource Planning & Operations

Resource Planning and Operations Division is responsible for developing the Catchment Management Strategy and Water Allocation Plan, verifying the Existing Lawful Water Use, performing integrated planning and operations of river systems as well as the stakeholder-centred progressive implementation of the reserve.

Resource Quality Monitoring

The Resource Quality Monitoring Division is responsible for multiple functions such as evaluating and recommending water-use license applications. The Division also produces Annual Water Quality Status reports containing vital planning information for CoGTA, Public Works, Water and Sanitation departments and municipalities.

Compliance Monitoring & Enforcement

The Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Division enhances the CMA Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement mandate by developing a compliance monitoring and enforcement system that is effective, efficient and predictable and is based on a full range of programs and strategies.


The purpose is to ensure that the nation’s water resources are protected, used, developed, conserved, managed and controlled as defined in section 80 of the National Water Act (NWA) since its establishment.


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