6th International REMCO Conference

The River and Environmental Management Cooperation (REMCO) initiative is a collaborative framework between the water management institutions in the three countries. These are: South Africa, Eswatini and Mozambique, with primary focus in the Inkomati-Usuthu river basins. REMCO was initiated and developed to endorse the Transboundary Water Resources Management Conference held in Germany in 2009.

The aim was to enhance the management of the Incomati (South Africa, Mozambique and Eswatini) and the Vecht (Germany and The Netherlands) transboundary river basins. REMCO seeks to strengthen the capacity of the already existing governance structures for the Incomati-Maputo basin through the established Tripartite Permanent Technical Committee (TPTC).

The REMCO initiative is a dialogue enabler to harmonise management actions in the Incomati and Maputo River Basins. The dialogue will facilitate in the implementation of the Inco-Maputo Agreement enhancing cooperation in the management of the river systems, given the shared resource and requirement for institutions operating local, while acknowledging the national interest and sovereignty of the riparian countries.

Project Details

  • Title : 6th International REMCO Conference
  • Purpose : Harmonise management actions in the Incomati and Maputo River Basins
  • Initiative : REMCO


The purpose is to ensure that the nation’s water resources are protected, used, developed, conserved, managed and controlled as defined in section 80 of the National Water Act (NWA) since its establishment.


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